Product Description

Automatic Chromatic clip-on tuner

Ideal for guitar, bass, violin, ukulele C & D and chromatic tuning

Compact and lightweight design

Accurate and easy to use

Securely attaches to all guitar headstock or other flat instrument surfaces

Tuning range: A0 (27.5Hz) to C8 (4186Hz)

Precision: ± 1 cent

Normal and flat tuning (b & bb for guitar)

A4 pitch calibration: 430Hz – 450Hz

Rotating clip for easy view and operation

Clear LCD display with 2-colour backlight

Built-in vibration piezo sensor

Auto power shut-off when not in use

3Vdc button-cell battery (CR2032) included

Size (with clip) (W*D*H): 64*36*16 /45 mm (2.52*1.42*0.63/ 1.77 in)

Net weight (battery included): ca 32 g (1.12 oz)